FUNGAL DISEASE CALONECTRIA PSEUDONAVICULATA (former name: Cylindrocladium buxicola)


This fungal disease mainly affects Buxus sempervirens. Most Buxus microphylla cultivars are less sensitive. The infestation starts with black spots on the leaves. After a few days, the affected leaves fall off in masses and turn brown. Black stripes appear on the young twigs, so-called lesions that can cause reinfection.


Large bare patches with withered leaves and branches occur, which may eventually lead to the complete death of the plant.


Treat with appropriate fungicides from May onwards. Pay special attention during warm, humid periods with a lot of precipitation. Affected plants can fully recover.

Control schedule for Cylindrocladium and Volutella: Consumer Belgium 2021

Time Product Dosage/10 litre water Remark
May Ortiva Plus 10ml  
June Ortiva Plus 10 ml  
July Eminent 7.5 ml  
August Eminent 7.5 ml  
September Ortiva Plus 10ml  

Copper-based products have a preventive effect but are less efficient. Phytosanitary legislation in Europe changes regularly. Not all products are permitted in every member state.

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