Box tree caterpillar

Box tree caterpillar Cydalima perspectalis (syn. Diaphania perspectalis)

The caterpillars are bright green with a black head. This Asian butterfly can grow as big as 4 cm. There are two generations in Belgium : April/May and August.


the caterpillars can strip a plant bare on a short amount of time. Webs can be found on the damaged plants. There are two periods in which most damage occurs : April/May and August


to be treated with a special product against caterpillars (insecticide) based on spinosad (Conserve Garden : biologically based), Bacillus thuriengiensis (biological), lambda-cyhalothrin (Karate Garden) or deltamethrin. It is important to hit the caterpillars well and to repeat a week later in case of new caterpillars.

Important infromation

If the first generation of this exotic species is fought well, much fewer problems will occur in summer.

Treat your plants with preferably organic products !

Plants attacked and eaten will recover and do not have to be removed !

Additional tip : the adult Buxus moths are attracted by artificial light. Use as less garden lighting as possible if adult moths are flying around.